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My third and latest book published on tramp art with more the 600 color images. It contains historical images and introduces newly discovered artists who made tramp art, complete with their known biographies. Tramp art which was created from society’s discard materials, primarily wooden cigar boxes and wooden crates, is the story of how the common man, unschooled in the arts took simple tools to carve a legacy from the heart. Engaging text tells the personal stories of theses tramp art creators. In a chapter named The Collectors Speak, collectors who cherish tramp art were given a forum to discuss their passion for the art form. Boxes, picture frames, miniature houses, and items of whimsy showcase the meticulous details of the art form. For anyone with a passion for folk art, this book will be a much treasured addition to their library.

Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
Size: 9″ x 12″ – 630 Illustrations – 224 pages
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In his second book on the subject, Tramp Art: Another Notch, Folk Art from the Heart, Wallach has captured the romance of these folk art objects made layer by layer, one notch at a time by untrained artists using simple tools and recycled materials. Tramp art was a democratic art, with artisans representing over 40 nationalities carving tramp art in America and was practiced throughout the world wherever men smoked cigars and the raw materials for their projects were available. Creating objects from the heart, the tramp artist was able to transform discarded wooden cigar boxes into pieces of utility and wonder. Never before has the subject been studied in such depth. Wallach brings a rich assemblage of the history of the art form through the study of the artists’ lives and work. Wallach also dispels the misguided romantic mythologies long associated with tramp art and for the first time we are left with an accurate picture of whom these noble notchers were.

The origin of tramp art remains a mystery although it does seem to have been passed throughout the world as if it were a recipe passed from family to family and neighbor to neighbor. In this book Wallach chronicles both newly uncovered historic and contemporary makers with over 600 full color photographs and a value guide.

Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
Size: 9″ x 12″ – over 600 Illustrations – Pages 272
Price: $99.99 + $5.00 Shipping


Tramp Art, One Notch at a Time is my first book and it is the first book to illustrate the many faces of the artists, the history, the materials and the aesthetic beauty of the work. It dispels the romantic myths long associated with this art form and gives the reader a more precise definition of what it feels and looks like.
The book contains over 400 color portraits of artifacts both functional and whimsical all made layer by layer, one notch at a time. Since its publication Clifford has tramped the world lecturing, curating, writing, and exhibiting tramp art gaining respect and admiration from the art world for tramp art.
Tramp Art, One Notch at a Time, is referred to as “The Bible of Tramp Art” by collectors when it was published in 1998.

Hard Cover with Dust Jacket
Size: 8″ x 11″ – over 400 Illustrations – Pages 176
$70.00 (includes shipping and handling).