Figural Tramp Art Plaque with the Coat of Arms of the Isle of Man: On Loan to MOIFA

An unusual heavily symbolic tramp art carved plaque depicting the coat of arms of the Isle of Man, with the Latin phrase Quocunque Jeceris Stabit (whichever way you throw it, it will stand), with applied stag, thistle, tiger, Manx (a breed of cat that originated in the Isle of Man), and clover decoration. The central motif features three sculptured woman’s legs with a heart in the middle, an anchor, leaf and a cross. It is built up in layers with latticework giving the plaque an interesting texture. I believe it is American in origin suggesting an allegiance and perhaps a longing for a homeland far away.

Circa 1900

USA 19th c.H: 33.5"W: 31"D: 2"Reference number: 4847