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Our site TrampArt.com is primarily dedicated to Tramp Art especially in promoting the historical identity of the art form, advancing scholarship, accessing articles and film clips, the sale of fine quality historical objects and the appreciation of all things Tramp Art. We have been passionately involved in buying, selling and writing about Tramp Art for over 25 years. We will also feature other Folk Art forms including Folk Marquetry.

Our mission statement is to deliver the very best to collectors interested in fine quality Tramp Art and Folk Art. We hope you will enjoy TrampArt.com with the same enthusiasm as we have in putting it together one piece at a time.

On TrampArt.com we offer fine quality tramp art with a guarantee of authenticity for the life of each object. We offer a return privilege for any item if not pleased within 30 days.

Clifford and Nancy Wallach